50Kw solar array

Gwent Energy, a company that advise, build and operate community renewable energy instillations, recently installed a 50Kw array of photovoltaics near Southwell, Nottinghamshire. BuzzPix went along on the penultimate day to record the event with stills and video.

Increasingly, farmers are turning to renewables for their energy supply and the financial benefits of the feed in tariff (FIT). They tend to have a plentiful supply of land for wind turbine erection and lots of roof space – this farm was no exception. A second free range chicken shed provided the perfect space to site this new PV system which took a week to install.

Flying the hexacopter to a maximum of about 55m in height and variable distances from the shed, allowed the camera to capture birds eye views of the whole structure from various angles. We managed to move in relatively close for some video footage whilst keeping a good distance from the hens and their outdoor enclosure, ensuring they weren’t disturbed too much. With 15,000 free-range eggs being laid each day there was a significant financial responsibility attached to operating sensitively and appropriately!

The aerial photography we obtained not only provided promotional visuals for Gwent Energy but also the manufactures of the Chicken sheds both of whom were delighted to see their work from a different perspective.

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