Roof Survey for Solar Array

Iona school in Nottingham recently asked us to provide detailed images of their flat roofs with a view to installing a 60Kw photovoltaic array. Taking advantage of the summer school holidays, BuzzPix arranged a visit whilst none of the children were around.

The school car park provided the perfect area to takeoff and land. Using our 24 megapixel camera we were able to take highly detailed images quickly and safely. Conventional surveying would have been far more time consuming, potentially dangerous and more costly. This is why aerial photography from a remote helicam is so advantageous, especially when dealing with large commercial/industrial roof spaces or complex inaccessible vaulted roofs.

These images were past onto the installers prior to visiting the site, so that that could easily pin point any potential areas of concern. Sections of the roofs that were particularly hard to access on foot were easy for our versatile hexacopter to fly above and survey. The school was delighted with the results and the installers were very impressed with the quality of the images.

We even managed to take some aerial shots of the school vegetable plots located in their wilderness area. The children can now appreciate the fruits of all their hard work on the land from a new perspective!

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