Race Track Filming

BuzzPix were commissioned to provide the aerial shots for a video promoting the launch of a new motorbike. Working closely with a large agency and their in house production team, we spent the day at Caldwell Park Lincolnshire filming the bike in action. The tack is known for its signature hairpin section that’s runs through woodland on a steeply sloping hill.

This┬ásection the provided the backdrop for the majority of our footage with the drama of the bike weaving along the twisting track and between the trees. Tracking a vehicle moving at speed is always challenging, especially when we couldn’t see the bike approaching on many occasions. We relied upon direction from the film crew and had to anticipate its arrival in shot – so that our hexacopter was moving at the correct speed and direction to capture those elusive clips.

Interlacing footage from a combination of cameras on a racecar, Go Pros fixed to the bike, the crew on the ground and BuzzPix shots from above, made for a very dynamic final cut. The agency saw the potential benefits aerial footage could bring to the shoot and we delivered that unique perspective they were striving for.

To finish the day off we even got to drive our car around the track – definitely a first, hopefully not the last.

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