Commercial property promotion

If you have a very large property, private or commercial, beautiful or industrial, the only way to capture an image of it in its entirety is from the air. This is why BuzzPix were recently approached by Innes England.

They wanted high res imagery for a commercial property on an industrial site. As the agent responsible for selling the premises, they were keen to demonstrate its scale, but how could they capture the enormous size of a 160,000 square foot warehouse through conventional photography?

Using a high vantage point was the answer. Staying within our legal limits of 400 feet above ground level, we were able to fly up and take images of the whole site from the north and south.

The agent was also keen to get some internal footage, so we teamed up with Mark Wilkinson of Kynaston Media. Drawing upon his expertise with over 25 years experience in filmmaking and photography, we managed to compliment the aerial shots with ground-based photography that highlighted the vast interior spaces and loading bays – a key selling point. The challenge for the internal shots was operating in very low light conditions – a tripod, several exposure settings and some clever editing created the illusion of naturally well-lit rooms.

So we are not just limited to the sky! We offer a full photographic and video service that also includes timelapse photography for customers wanting to document a building process or event, over a prologed period of time.



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