A promtional video for the Hockerton Housing Project – a new perspective.

Southwell Minster, our local iconic historic building filmed with the autumnal colours as a backdrop. BuzzPix has captured these aerial shots that show the Minster and Archbishop’s Palace from perspectives never seen before. The still images will used to promote the recently refurbished Hall and newly constructed Educational Garden – a lottery funded project.


Heritage sites are often best appreciated from above, as these shots of this 17th C defensive earthwork, the ‘Sconce’, demonstrate perfectly. Weathered for 400 years and now covered in grass, its structure and scale are hard to grasp at ground level, but BuzzPix has manged to show it in its true glory.


BuzzPix were commissioned to provide the aerial shots for a video promoting the launch of a new motorbike. Working closely with a large agency and their in house production team, we spent the day at Caldwell Park Lincolnshire filming the bike in action.


Roof surveys have never been easier – we were able to look down the chimneys and even identify individual roof tiles for repair – the helicam proved to be the perfect tool especially on this multipitched roof that was difficult and dangerous to access on foot. We even had time to make this video afterwards!

A promotional estate agents video that highlights not only the houses features, but the large plot size and its close proximity to the local nature reserve and lake – something that could not have been achieved through conventional media.

BuzzPix in operation – we teamed up with Mark Wilkinson from Kynaston Digital Media Ltd to create this short promo video which highligts the process and operation of aerial photography.

A 50Kw PV installation by Gwent Energy on a chicken shed roof. BuzzPix recorded the event on the penultimate day with stills and video and managed to capture birds eye views of the whole structure from various angles without disturbing the chickens!

BuzzPix has recently taken to the skies around the Hockerton Housing Project, filming these unique houses in their rural surrounds. Working in the zone above a hand held camera and below light aircraft allows the creation of truely original footage.